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Translation is the transfer of a message from one written language to another. Professional translators always work into their native language, so the “target text” reads naturally. A translation from the diligent team at

B.A. Engel Translations will faithfully reproduce all aspects of the document(s) you send to us.


One of the key aspects of the translation business is a facility with your own language. We can transform your texts in English, ensuring they are eloquent, grammatically correct, consistent and handsomely presented. If you want your documents to show the best side of your business, B.A. Engel Translations can offer you the high-quality editing you need, at the right price.

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to look over a document you have already carefully crafted? The team at B.A. Engel Translations is expert in spotting little mistakes that could otherwise slip through the net. Proofreading is far less drastic than copy-editing, but is a crucial service nonetheless.

Colours or colors?

Autumn or fall?

Hurling or hockey?

To localise or to localize?

Details like this can make all the difference to your readers – they can draw them in or alienate them totally. If you have a document that needs to be addressed to a specific audience, B.A. Engel Translations can ensure all the right cultural and linguistic nuances are in place to help your words ring true with their target audience.


B.A. Engel Translations provides high-quality translation, editing, proofreading and localisation services, tailored to suit your needs. The cost of each service is dependent upon the length of the text, the urgency of the project and the complexity of the subject at hand.

Thus, for a fair (and firm) quote, please e-mail us a representative sample of your text. Tell us which of our services (outlined below) you require. We recommend also including details such as the number of words or pages, and your deadline.