“I was truly happy with Ben’s response time and the quality of his work. ... The sensation of hearing my own words when reading Ben’s translation was particularly striking.”

Julien Tuetey on the translation of his website.


“The quality of Ben’s work is unsurpassable. He has done an excellent job of revising the English in an article I wrote, the topic of which is very specific, which could complicate the task of a translator/copy editor. Not only did he revise the text in grammatical terms, but he also improved it greatly in terms of style; he lent it fluidity and directly influenced the academic quality of my work. Beyond a doubt, this will be the first of many times that I will enlist Ben’s services for linguistic and stylistic enhancement.”

Barbara Ribeiro


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Professionalism. Quality. Guaranteed.

Professionalism. Quality. Guaranteed.

“...an excellent piece of translating. Normally, we send a scan to show any errors we find but, with Ben’s translation, we didn’t find anything that warranted creating a .pdf.”

Trevor Hook, ISTE, for whom Ben worked in-house in London for two years. ISTE continues to be a very regular client (see Published Works).


“Ben’s translation assistance has been invaluable to the work of Banana Link, and our communications with Latin American and Spanish partners. He is reliable and always quick to respond to emails and complete the tasks given to him. His translations from Spanish to English and English to Spanish are always of very high standard and therefore appropriate for both informal and formal communications and reports. We hope to have the opportunity to continue working with Ben in the future; his commitment to Banana Link and the support he has provided has been exemplary and inspirational.”

Anna Cooper, Banana Link


Founder B.A. Engel, who personally checks each translation before it is sent back to you, has translated many books and articles in a variety of specialised fields. Click here for a list of published examples of his work.

Below, you can find a selection of comments made by past clients.