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Chiswick to Chile; Portland to Peru; Canberra to the Congo… In today’s ever-shrinking world, there are no limits to how far your network of contacts can spread. You can deal with clients or colleagues absolutely anywhere, from any corner of the globe. Yet in this multinational, multilingual world, your choice of translation provider can make or break your relationship with your foreign-language contacts. You need someone capable of fully appreciating the nuanced meaning behind their words in French or Spanish, and reproducing it faithfully in eloquent, natural English.

At B.A. Engel Translations, our dedicated professionals carefully check the “source text” for any undertones or other subtleties that may affect the meaning, and get to work! We scrupulously research all domain-specific vocabulary, and render the message in natural English, taking as much pride in the fluency of the text as if it were our own brainchild.

Every translation is rigorously checked by founder Benjamin A. Engel before being sent back to you. Having been translating professionally since 2005 (with a back-catalogue including over 50 specialised published works), he has a deserved reputation for meticulousness and precision.

This additional round of meticulous checks means that, when you come to us, you are assured of a polished, professional product.

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